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Title: Lady With Fan

This is an acrylic study piece, Lady With Fan, after Jules Cheret. I love Cheret's posterized style and chose this particular one for it's elegance and simplicity. I hope to do more Cheret studies in the near future! For this painting, I used 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper.

Medium: Acrylic
Completion date: August 2008
Support & size: 9" x 12" Watercolor paper

Status: SOLD        

Title: Waiting

This painting was based on a photo of the interior of the Bleecker Subway Station (Chicago, Ill). My goal was to create an atmosphere of solitude, quiet reflection...and waiting.

Medium: Acrylic
Completion date: June 2008
Support & size: 16” x 20” Gessoed Board

Status: SOLD

Title: Self Portrait

Completed for a Wet Canvas challenge January 2008.

Medium: Acrylic

Completion date: May 2008
Support & size: 16” x 20” Canvas Panel

Status: Personal Collection

Title: Guitar Man

This started out as a pen and ink but I decided to add color. The most challenging areas were the face and hands.

Medium: Watercolor and ink
Completion date: July 2008
Support & size: 9” x 12” Watercolor Paper

Status: Available for purchase

Title: Antonia

A portrait of a friend's daughter, given as a Christmas gift. This painting was created using just two colors: Bone black and titanium white. The bone black is one of Golden's OPEN paints which allowed a bit of extended blending time.

Medium: Acrylic
Completion date: December 2008
Support & size: 12” x 12” Wrapped Canvas

Status: Private Collection

Title: The Mailman

This is one the few pieces of art that I created in the 90s that I still have.  Rendered using a watercolor wash, the reference was from an old National Geographic magazine.

Medium: Wash (Watercolor)
Completion date: 1993
Support & size: 10" x 12" Watercolor paper

Status: Personal Collection
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